LK Group is a Melbourne-based family of private companies with diverse interests across property, technology, human resources, business transformation and outsourcing, digital animation and sports spanning operations in Australia, the United States, and the Philippines.

Founded by Larry Kestelman, one of Australia's most well-known technology entrepreneurs who had success in the technology sector as the founder of Dodo, the group had its genesis over twenty years ago when Larry began developing residential property in suburban Melbourne.

Our history is steeped in technology and we are committed to fostering the development of innovation within Australia. LK Group aspires to achieve success and professionalism throughout its established subsidiary companies, and within its accomplished and integrated team, to deliver an exceptional experience to clients and businesses.

LK Group's diverse industry structure is attributed to the entrepreneurial backbone of its organisation's culture, encouraging the catalyst of progression and development we attest to within every aspect of our business. Nurturing each business, Larry Kestelman, whose ambitious nature and vision across the business is boundless, demonstrates immeasurable vigour and integrity.

LK Group was founded on the values of innovation, creativity, entrepreneurialism and the delivery of excellence. Today, the Group employs thousands of people across the world who are truly committed to those values.